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Mi Niña de Color Café del EP "Hoy O Nunca" 

Enjoy this new song "Mi Niña de Color Café" by singer/songwriter, composer and producer Sri Nassú Bowé. This latin song is part of his new EP "Hoy O Nunca". HIs next venues are EL RINCON DEL ARTE NUEVO, Madrid 19th of july and FNAC - Callao, Madrid 20th of july

Srí Nassú Bowé presents his new EP in Barcelona 

Sri Nassú Bowé presents his new EP "Hoy o Nunca" on the 16th of June in Barcelona during a festival organized by FNAC in Triangle at the Plaza Catalunya. He'll be playing with his brother Moses Bowé (guitar, vocals). These are the words Nassú:

Hola a todos, estoy muy contento de anunciarles que este 16 de Junio estaré presentando mi nuevo EP “Hoy o Nunca” en la ciudad de Barcelona junto con mi hermanoMoisés Bowe que me estará acompañando con la segunda guitarra. Después de muchas horas de trabajo y esfuerzo estaré presentando nuevo material que con mucha alegría me gustaría entregarles. 
Estén atentos a las novedades!!!! 

Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce that this June 16 I will be presenting my new EP "Hoy o Nunca" in the city of Barcelona with my brother Moisés Bowe who will be playing me with the second guitar. After many hours of work and effort I will be presenting new material that I would like to give you with great joy. 
Stay tuned to the news !!!! 

Cover Design & Watercolor @davidcromwell.art


New songs by Marla and Mitch Cantor 

Marla and Mitch Cantor are incredible songwriters working and creating with top musicians and singers. They produce their songs in Nashville, Tennessee and are always looking for new voices. This time they present us wonderful brand new productions like "The New Boy". "Come With Me". We Collide". Thanks Marla & Mitch


Marla & Mitch Cantor Music


Sri Nassú Bowé will perform at a concert organized by the Blues Club Luxemburg which takes place in the Sang a Klang in the city of Luxembourg. This hall is an old theater that was built between 1920 and 1922 by the Sang a Klang a.s.b.l. choir and can hold 250 people. 

Since the Blues Club decided to organize its concerts there, it has become the Mecca for blues in Luxembourg. 

This enchanting hall is located in the protected district of Pfaffenthal, at the foot of the old fortifications.

Sat, Sep 9 @ 8:00 PM 

THE BLUES CLUB Concert Hall SANG A KLANG, 1 Rue des Trois-Glands, 1629 Luxembourg


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