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Brand new songs by Marla and Mitch Cantor 

Marla and Mitch Cantor, a couple of genius songwriters embracing a diversified blend of pop, rock, adult contemporary, jazz, rhythm & blues, have a bunch of brand new songs to offer. Check them out on our site or ask for more...


Jont's songs and performances are treated like musical medicine by the dedicated band of followers who have come across this open-hearted troubadour over the years. Whatever style of song he shapes, and there have been many since his first album in 1998 to his latest critically acclaimed release "Hello Halifax" in 2013, the energy of it often has some degree of healing and cathartic effect. 

Over the years he has played his music across the world and shared stages with latter-day and current superstars from David Crosby and Bonnie Raitt to Ed Sheeran and Charlie Winston...


Harnessing the multiple facets of his own personality, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/producer, Patrick Taylor, creates music with many faces. Establishing and fronting the jungle-rock group Moonrise Collective was his most recent preoccupation, though currently he's moving in an increasingly electronic, indie pop direction, drawing on r&b, jazz, folk, and even EDM styles. His voice is rich with character and his songs rich with something: sometimes depth of meaning, sometimes quirky fun, sometimes emotional poignance, and sometimes ecstatic transcendence. This eclectic and energetic songwriter staggers his audience with a surprisingly good “mouth-trumpet,” and occasionally an impression or two. There's no way to predict what will happen at one of Patrick's shows, but the music will be there, and he will give you all he's got.


Singer/songwriter Nassú Bowé made it... He turned this classical worldwide known hit funky. Listen to LA FLOR DE LA CANELA by Chabuca Granda


“Brilliant song writing,  guitar skills of a soloist and a  disciplined voice as big as a house and you have one of the most  impressive young singer/songwriters I’ve heard in a long long  time.” Will AckermanChicago singer-songwriter Rory Sullivan, has received acclaimed from country music star Sara Evans to Windham Hill Records Founder/Grammy Winner Will Ackerman. Sullivan took the grand prize for the CD Baby and Sarah Evans songwriting competitions in 2013 and 2nd place in the recent Indie International Songwriting Contest.
Since quitting his day job at The Post House Diner back in 2005, Rory hit the pavement and has played over 550 clubs, colleges and festivals, opened for acts Stephane Wrembel, Luke Brindley, James Maddock, Eric Andersen, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Craig Bickhardt, Mutlu, Todd Carey, Curtis Peoples, and many others. His songs have been featured on a compilation album with Emmylou Harris, John Oates, Neko Case, Cyndi Lauper, and Shelby Lynne to benefit animal awareness, and he has seen steady airplay on NPR, satellite, internet, and college radio.
His song "Better Now" was featured in the powerful documentary film series, "Finding Seoul", which was co-written with filmmaker, John Sanvidge. Tim Westergren of Pandora Radio says, “Rory’s music represents a particular part of our catalogue, independent artists who are getting a lot of exposure.”  The video for the song "Better Now" can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCy7XFlEzq4
 Sullivan spent the majority of 2014 in preparation for his Kickstarter campaign, entitled 'The Fan Project', which was successfully funded on May 1st raising almost $14,000. 'The Fan Project' consisted of Rory writing, recording, and releasing 2 songs a week to the backers of the campaign, in which pledgers would then vote on their favorite 7 of the 14 songs sent to them. The songs will appear on the new album in the fall of 2014.
 His debut EP “Here All Along”, produced by Grammy Winning Producer Will Ackerman, features Sullivan’s acoustic roots and songwriting and features an all-star lineup of musicians, including T-Bone Wolk (Hall and Oates, Carly Simon), Steve Holley (McCartney and Wings/Elton John), and Eugene Friesen (Berklee School of Music). His latest studio release “Rory Sullivan and the Second Season” produced by Justin King in Brooklyn NY, features his music with full band production and NYC backing band, "The Second Season".
In pursuit of his career, Sullivan relocated from his hometown of Newark, Delaware to NYC in 2011 and then again to Chicago in the Fall of 2012 to begin the next phase of his artistic journey. These past few years Rory has taken home four grand prize songwriting awards, including the CD Baby Songwriting Contest, which ranked over 3,000 songs winning him over $10,000 in prizes, including a flight to NYC for a recording session. He also won grand prize for the Sara Evans Songwriting Competition, awarding him a Facebook feature on Sara's page, thousands of dollars worth of prizes, and a message from Sara herself. “I’m always drawn to songs with amazing lyrics, songs that really make you feel emotion or you feel like you’re right there in the middle of it. “Ride The Rails” by Rory Sullivan really struck me the first time I heard it.”, said the country music singer.
 “Rory Sullivan is the real deal. If the music industry were solely based upon talent, Rory would be a household name so do yourself a favor and discover him.” Gregory Douglass (Award - Winning Independent singer/songwriter/The Creative Advisor)
Simon J. Burrows
July 2014



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