Ashley Raines & The New West Revue is an american blues/folk singer/songwriter...

"Raines, a slight man with a husky voice, sang lonely, blues-tinged songs about work, the devil, and his mother. His twangy, chugging slide guitar was accompanied by just the right amount of five-string fiddle, which filled the fairgrounds like an old-timey train horn. During his on-stage banter Raines talked about how he arrived at a life of "crime and music" after spending some years on the road as a young runaway. One song seemed to tell Raines' whole story in its title alone: "Hank Williams Saved My Life."
Arvin Temkar, Adam Joseph - Monterey County Weekly
"Raines possesses a voice of unique originality, tone, color and depth, along with an advanced songwriting approach not common enough these days. One listen and it's over. This release is completely filled with great quality mellow songs that never bore."
Larry Toering - Music Street Journal