"Hoy o Nunca" new EP by Sri Nassú Bowé... NOW on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON etc.

NEW RELEASE "Hoy o Nunca" new EP by Sri Nassú Bowé... NOW on SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON etc.


Sri Nassú Bowé, peruvian-luxemburgian, is a composer, singer/songwriter, producer, guitarist and leader of Supremacía Terrenal band. He's got a large experience on international stages, from Spain to Egypt, Peru, Poland, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg.

He's been Finalist at the “John Lennon Songwriting Contest”, finalist at the “USA Songwriting Competition”,  Runner Up at the “Song of the Year Songwriting Contest USA” and winner of the “Golden Sangapilla Song Festival” in Peru.

He realizes venues with his band as well as a singer/songwriter and has performed at such distinguished places as the “El Genaine Theatre” in Cairo, the COP 20 (Climate change Conference) in Lima, “Frederico García Lorca Theatre” in Madrid and was given an interview at RTL – LIVE Planet People.

He owns two BERKLEE School of Music certificates: "Music Production" and "Music Composition".



After having lived for a few years in the peruvian Amazon, composing and producing, since april 2017 Nassú is realizing venues in different European countries as a singer/songwriter and solo artist: Belgium, Spain, Poland, Luxemburg: Ratelach - Kulturfabrik, Brooklyn, Rocas Café Concerts, The Blues Club - Sang & Klang, Garbicz Festival, Kolla Festival, The Spirit of Music...

He's a multi-faceted composer and singer/songwriter, eager to find new musical expressions fusing Latin, Funk, Folk and Blues. He sings in Spanish and English languages being enormously skilled, playing the electric guitar and developing his own style on the acoustic guitar: percussion-guitar. He's used to perform on larger stages and capture the audience.





He's founder and leader of his own band “Supremacía Terrenal”, formed by five brothers and sisters, all of them owning luxemburgian nationality and also having peruvian roots. Supremacía Terrenal is an alternative latin fusion band created in the tropical Upper Amazon of Peru, bringing fresh air to Latin music fusing latin rythmes with Rock, Folk, Funk, Pop and Tropical Cumbia. The band is exploring new musical expressions, influenced by internacional tendencies in order to bisect western music and South American grooves. After travelling from Spain to Peru, Nassu formed the band in 2012 and quickly the band became noticed due to their new sound, embodying the heat of the tropical with our first single "Hace Calor" (So Hot) which quickly became broadcasted on radio and TV. Looking for a sound to be accepted in Peru, they created "Niña de Mil Colores", a fusion of Latin Cumbia with a big dose of Funk. Then "Regala Tu Sonrisa" was composed and produced, a Latin Reaggy fusion and now, just released, "Tierra del Sol" (Land of The Sun", their latest release, a modern Electro Folk fusion; lyrics contain sentences in Quechua, the ancient language of the Inkas. The song was recorded over several months, spending time on the production and devolopment of the song and the video. They put effort and time travelling to different parts of Peru to shoot amazing landsapes in the peruvian Amazon and the Andes. Together with his brother Moisés Bowé, they're writing and producing new songs for their first album.