Harnessing the multiple facets of his own personality, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/producer, Patrick Taylor, creates music with many faces. Establishing and fronting the jungle-rock group Moonrise Collective was his most recent preoccupation, though currently he's moving in an increasingly electronic, indie pop direction, drawing on r&b, jazz, folk, and even EDM styles. His voice is rich with character and his songs rich with something: sometimes depth of meaning, sometimes quirky fun, sometimes emotional poignance, and sometimes ecstatic transcendence. This eclectic and energetic songwriter staggers his audience with a surprisingly good “mouth-trumpet,” and occasionally an impression or two. There's no way to predict what will happen at one of Patrick's shows, but the music will be there, and he will give you all he's got.

From a childhood spent imagining wonders in the woods of East Georgia to a college career spent in the learned streets of Boston (he attended Berklee College of Music), Patrick's musical journey has been one of romance and mysticism.  Always seeking knowledge and a deeper understanding of his own personality, he's not unfamiliar with the life of a wandering vagabond.  Musically this is reflected in his penchant for many varied genres of music-making, including jazz, orchestral composition, pop, r&b, world music, hip hop, and ambient.  The conundrum has always been: how to unify such polar interests!? This is Patrick's current journey: making sense of his many influences and attempting to unify them into a cohesive project with visceral groove, soaring melodies, worldly sensibility, and mystic sensitivity.  That's what's to be expected of the new music emerging from this semi-eccentric and very eclectic musician in the coming months and years.  It's a promise not likely to go unfulfilled. 

The most recent example of this kind of experimentation can be found in the two Moonrise Collective EPs, which Patrick pulled together in 2012 and 2013, writing, co-producing, arranging, and performing all seven songs with band mates and friends in Cincinnati, Augusta, and Orlando.