Singer/Songwriter, producer, guitarist and founder of “Supremacía Terrenal” band. Sri Nassú has a large experience on international stages from Spain to Egypt and Peru. Throughout his songs you can feel the power and vibes existing within earth, water, fire, wind and the immeasurable deepness of the Peruvian Amazon where he was born. Owning Luxembourgian and Peruvian nationality, he’s fusing western styles like funk, pop-rock, blues and folk with Latin genres, creating new and freshmusical expressions. He is able to captivate his public during his shows, showing up an extraordinary skill on the electric guitar.

Used to larger public, performing at festivals in Madrid and all over Spain, he performed as well at the COP 20 (Climate Change Conference) in Lima and the “El Genaine Theatre” in Cairo, Egypt. The songs of his band are being broadcasted on Peruvian radio and TV. Lately his band has been introduced twice on national TV Channel, TV Peru, where two of his video clips reached a potential public of 30 million habitants. His instrumental cues are being licensed on TV shows and documentaries – DISCOVERY CHANNEL - MTV CATFISH. Recently he got an exclusive live interview in Luxemburg RTL Talk Show LIVE PLANET PEOPLE.

He's been finalist at the "John Lennon Songwriting Contest", finalist at the "USA Songwriting Competition", "Runner Up at the Song of the Year Songwriting Contest", and winner of the “Golden Sangapilla Song Festival”

Being a talented and multi versatil singer/songwriter, he’s also a producer, able to compose from unique soundtracks to latin pop, alt rock, electronica, funk, blues and even ethnical tracks. Used to work in professional recording studios with bands as well as recording his own songs, he’s able to bring the magic out of the studio, recording live sessions as well as virtual instruments. Among the multiple plugins he uses, his favorites are Wave and Izotope. During his forming, he obtained two certificates at BERKLEE College of Music: “Music Production” and “Music Composition”.

Sri Nassú has come to be noticed for his impressive skills performing "Percussion Guitar" and his extraordinary skills as lead and solo guitarist.

Interview on RTL - LIVE PLANET PEOPLE - Luxemburg

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FNAC - Callao, Calle de Preciados, 28, Madrid

Sri Nassú presentará las canciones en vivo de su nuevo disco HOY O NUNCA en las instalaciones del FNAC - Callao en Madrid. Moisés Bowé, guitarra, voz y Sergio Vivar, percusión, le acompañan durante el concierto. Entrada libre